Anyone who’s done lots of yoga will tell you: it changes everything. The clarity of mind, the sense of freedom in your joints and tissues, and the general increase in energy are all remarkable. Many have discovered it, and the practice of yoga is definitely mainstream. And nowhere is that more true than in the Pacific Northwest, and maybe Vancouver in particular. (We’re known as Lotusland for goodness’ sake.)

With this in mind, no West Coast community would be truly complete without a healthy yoga studio. And with The Hot Box Yoga arriving this spring, Wesbrook Village is ready to offer you some excellent namaste action, right here at home!

The Hot Box Yoga is, in fact, not your traditional hot yoga: the styles are practiced in a room that’s heated to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (a little less hot than a Bikram’s or YHot class). This means that classes can be more active, and yet still deliver the well-documented benefits of working in an infrared heated environment (more pliant muscles, detoxification). And the variety of styles on offer, too, is way ahead of your usual hot emporium. In fact, it’s very progressive, with nine different styles on the schedule, including Bapstiste Power, “Hipster”, Detox, and Zen, to name a few.

The vibe at The Hot Box Yoga is decidedly fun and unpretentious. They call their studio the “Happiness Machine,” and the motto/philosophy is “Less Traditional, More Authentic.” And if their wildly successful Kelowna location is any indicator, students here will have a blast moving through playfully mindful classes, led by some of the best instructors in the marketplace, with a musical backdrop by the likes of Daft Punk, Bon Iver, and Arcade Fire.

Students of The Hot Box Yoga rave about the inclusive, easygoing, attentive ethos of this studio. And prices are very competitive, at around 20% less than you might pay elsewhere.

Progressive, inclusive, playful, and focused on a clearheaded approach to healthy living? The Hot Box Yoga checks all the boxes: they’ll be a perfect match for Wesbrook, and we can’t wait to meet them on the mat!

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